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Have you felt discouraged or lost interest as a result of instructors who continuously insist that you must first learn hundreds of chords, scales and theory before you can actually play jazz guitar?

Have you wasted a lot of time with modes, excruciatingly boring exercises, chord inversions and a truckload of other abstract ideas that you still have not been able to translate into music. Feel like your playing is at a standstill and you’re unable to reach the next level?

Are you a rock, blues or entry level jazz guitarist with a desire to play Chord Melody solo guitar, and perhaps start performing in fine hotels, dining establishments and a variety of private events?

If the above questions attracted your undivided attention, then smile, because you’re going to be amazed when you actually hear yourself play chord melody with a pro level sound in a few short hours. In fact, you’ll be flabbergasted when you discover what you can actually play with just a dozen or so standard chord forms.

And, it is absolutely free for everyone, so enjoy the progress you’re about to make under the guidance of a true professional, who has the firepower to back it up.

Who is Robert Conti? Why Him?

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